Boschstraat 5 no longer vacant!

In 2014, the Mandril Political and Cultural Centre had to be relocated because the municipality had other plans for the building. But nothing happened at Boschstraat 5. The building remained abandoned, until now. A group of cultural entrepreneurs, the cultural underground in Maastricht, decided to restore the soul of Boschstraat 5 and revamp its cultural destination on behalf of Kunsttour Maastricht. Continue reading Boschstraat 5 no longer vacant!

Young Democrats regret commotion

The Jonge Democraten Limburg wrote an open letter to the UM to protest against a lecture on university grounds with Ronnie Barkan, a Jewish-Israeli BDS activist. The lecture was organized by Students for Justice in Palestine Maastricht and scheduled for May 4, including two minutes of silence to honor all war victims. The UM withdrew permission to host the event on university grounds and a regional newspaper wrongly used the words “anti-jewish,” but published a rectification in a following edition. Continue reading Young Democrats regret commotion

Chain Reaction Tihange: June 25

We can be brief about this. The nuclear power station in Tihange is dangerous. It’s old. It’s damaged. It’s a risk to our health and environment. #StopTihange. We’re not trying to scare you. We’re just stating facts. The distance between Tihange and Maastricht is only 40 kilometers. Maastricht would definitely NOT escape the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear disaster in case something goes wrong at … Continue reading Chain Reaction Tihange: June 25