Boschstraat 5 no longer vacant!

In 2014, the Mandril Political and Cultural Centre had to be relocated because the municipality had other plans for the building. But nothing happened at Boschstraat 5. The building remained abandoned, until now. A group of cultural entrepreneurs, the cultural underground in Maastricht, decided to restore the soul of Boschstraat 5 and revamp its cultural destination on behalf of Kunsttour Maastricht. Continue reading Boschstraat 5 no longer vacant!

The First Taste of Summer  in Maastricht 

Originally posted on planetmiaow:
Maastricht is the city nearest to where I have lived for the past 8 months or so. Today was a perfect taste of summer. Warm and breezy, beautiful bouncy clouds. We stopped into the new Dr Martens store and listened to some terrible live music in the main square.? The Basilica of Our Lady in Maastricht Looking out over the Maas… Continue reading The First Taste of Summer  in Maastricht 

Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (2)

Raymond Mirrer is a conceptual artist and filmmaker residing in Amsterdam. He grew up in Maastricht city, but has his roots in the former Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies. Raymond posted an article from Jeff Keasberry and his Dutch Indonesian Heritage Cuisine on Facebook, and since we’re enjoying near tropical temperatures this weekend, having an Indische Huzarensalade to come home to from running errands or a day at the beach, is a luxury everyone can afford. Continue reading Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (2)