HomeHandi by Tracey Taylor

Maastricht is widely regarded as the gourmet capital of Limburg. And rightly so! But it is also known as a city of internationals and expats. And where there are different nationalities, there are diverse cultures and cuisines. One innovative company right here in this marvelous city of ours is leading the charge around honest and healthy home-delivery food. It is my tasty pleasure to present: HomeHandi.

HomeHandilogoFood for Thought
HomeHandi is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Supratip and Sonia Kar. I met with Sonia at a recent food-market event in Maastricht and was immediately struck by her confidence, foresight and personal story. Born in Kolkata, Sonia pursued her education in India before relocating to the Netherlands a number of years ago. Sonia never saw herself as an entrepreneur but in my view, she certainly has the capacity for it. Sonia is hands-on and the model she has co-developed is structured and efficient.

My cup of tea
HomeHandi is a fascinating enterprise and refreshingly unique online platform. With the possibility to order a variety of dishes prepared by some rather talented cooks, this is ethnic cuisine at its best. Homemade meals lovingly prepared with a peppering of passion and a serious dash of authenticity. So for foreign nationals who have chosen to live in Maastricht, it is comforting to know that it’s possible to get a flavour of home even when abroad.

Crimson colored egg curry: favorite dish in every Indian household

Piece of Cake
The idea around HomeHandi was fundamentally born out of a desire to have a decent, home-cooked meal at the end of the working day. And I’m sure many of us will relate to that situation… Coming home to find that there is nothing ready to eat and (double whammy) no raw ingredients in the cupboard.

Food, Glorious Food
The concept of HomeHandi is straightforward: International fresh food delivered right to your doorstep. The HomeHandi team is based in Maastricht and offer a changing daily menu with appetizing choices from India, Turkey, Greece… to name but a few. Sonia meets with all HomeHandi cooks in order to gain an insight into their cultural background and to ensure kitchens are in-line with the relevant hygiene standards. Come and get it!

Placing an order on the HomeHandi website is quick and easy to do. Meals are reasonably priced and it’s clear as to what the dishes contain and whether they are meat-based, vegetarian or vegan.


You simply select lunch or dinner and peruse the available options. You make your pick, enter the delivery destination, choose the delivery timeframe and then… Well, you sit back and wait! In our case, the food arrived warm, well presented and when expected.

And oh my, it was good!
The focus on authentic ethnic cuisine was evident with each mouthful. So why not take a moment to order-in some fabulously fresh and fantastically flavoured food that’s delivered with a smile.




Tip: Keep an eye on the HomeHandi Facebook Page for details of special offers and summer deals!

traceyAbout the author: Tracey Taylor is a writer who loves food, wine and life in Limburg. Originally from Ireland, she now lives in Maastricht with Dave and their fancy cat, Tubbs.

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  1. That food looks marvelous! The older I get the more I appreciate creative home made food. I’ve kind of lost my creative cooking touch, but you make me want to catch a plane and come straight to Maastricht!

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