Swimming JRT’s are about to go viral!

4jacksThe page has 5462 likes at the moment. But it’s a safe bet these four adorable and very happy Jack Russell Terriers will go viral very soon! Their swimming videos are a huge hit on Facebook. The way they dive into the water and wag their little tails and clearly have fun swimming, it’s highly infectious.

You can not help but smile, even if they’re not your type of dog! These swimming JRT’s are from one and the same family. The parents are Nani (6) and Milo (4), their offspring are Dexter and Striepke (which is Maastricht dialect for a tiny stripe), who are three years young. It’s obvious they mean the world to their humans, who generously share their happy dog family with anyone who wants to see four doggies jump and play in a garden swimming pool. We’re embedding some of the cutest videos for your entertainment this weekend, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! By the way, they already have 5517 likes in the meantime. I told ya!

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