Happy Solstice!

The longest day of the year. As if we need a reason to celebrate and enjoy what almost everybody enjoys on a Hot Summer’s Day: ICE CREAM!

We have three ice cream parlors for you that are definitely worth checking out.

De Smakerij in Maastricht:


Dutch television network RTL4 considers them the best and most fun ice cream parlor in Limburg. They’ve won some other best-of-titles so you can’t just walk on by without checking out what De Smakerij has to offer.

IJssalon Pimpernelleke in Vroenhoven:


You can’t miss them. If you go in the direction of Tongeren, and across the bridge at Vroenhoven, you’ll find Pimpernelleke on your left. They have a parking lot, a terrace outside, and real tasty ice cream to enjoy while staring into the Albert canal or check out what else that bridge is all about.

IJs Lysens in Valmeer:


Artisanal ice cream, authentic recipes from a well-known Belgian patissier and ice cream maker. IJs Lysens has two locations, one in Valmeer (straight ahead once you crossed the bridge in Vroenhoven, and turn left at the traffic light after Riemst.) and one in Tongeren.


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