A radio DJ during summer break

You remember one of our first guests, Rob Christian?
He runs Shout-FM over on RTV Maastricht, with news anchor and future co-host Tracey Taylor who graced these pages with her first article (there’ll be more!).

The radioshow is currently on summer break mode, and we were curious how Rob spends his time now he’s not preparing for a show.

Turns out, he’s a very talented photographer, you can catch his snapshots at his Instagram account. Of course we had to ask Rob to make a selection to feature here on Life in Maastricht.

“It’s so difficult for me to choose. It’s like songs, there are so many fantastic songs from so many different genres. Plus it depends on the mood I’m in. Hopefully these few shots share my feeling for photography and my passion, be it photographing people, capturing their soul, architecture, capturing design and strength or a silly pair of shoes on a street corner, sharing a feeling.”


2 thoughts on “A radio DJ during summer break

  1. Gina. Thank you for this kind mention… And I agree with your comment re: Rob’s artistic flair! It was my pleasure to already contribute a piece to Life in Maastricht. T x

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