Make a heart for the solitary bees

It’s summer, there’s no doubt about it. The city is as lively as can be with all the festivals, event and activities on the calendar. People enjoy spending time outdoors and if you’re lucky to have a garden, it’s the best place to be in the summertime. Remember we posted about the clay hearts Marianne made for her bee hotels? Here is the result! Looks great, doesn’t it?

Everyone can make their own bee hotel, it’s not rocket science. You can use whatever material you find, as long as you keep in mind the bees need to be able to enter something hollow where they can lay their eggs. Of course pure natural material is the best, like wood, pine cones, bamboo sticks.


The interior of the bee hotels kind of keeps itself together. “Everything can be taken out and rearranged if you like,” Marianne explains, “the pine cones are glued together though or else they’d fall out.” Like this, you can add a little depth and some extra dimension to your bee hotel. Perhaps needless to say that as soon as you see some bees are using your hotel, there’s no more room for rearranging the furniture.





We just LOVE the heart shaped interior!!




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