Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (2)

Raymond Mirrer is a conceptual artist and filmmaker residing in Amsterdam. He grew up in Maastricht city, but has his roots in the former Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies. Raymond posted an article from Jeff Keasberry and his Dutch Indonesian Heritage Cuisine on Facebook, and since we’re enjoying near tropical temperatures this weekend, having an Indische Huzarensalade to come home to from running errands or a day at the beach, is a luxury everyone can afford. The excerpt below is from Jeff’s article:

“Celebrate the coming of summer with a tasty Indische Huzarensalade – as it is called in Dutch. A light purple colored dish with a fresh, lightly sweet ‘n sour taste.

I have fond memories of this delicious salad, the way my dad Bill used to make it. A traditional Indo Dutch dish that made it into my third cookbook Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets – the first Indo Dutch Heritage cookbook in English. This refreshing salad was often served on warm summer days, with a baguette on the side. We would enjoy coming back for more throughout the day. It is also served as a special dish during the holidays. There are many ‘family recipes’ out there. I am posting my Dad’s version, which has a longer ingredient list.”

Jeff Keasberry‘s family had a restaurant in Amsterdam. He relocated to the United States in 2005, but keeps his family legacy alive by writing cookbooks and sharing his recipes online. His third cookbook is available in English, a second edition was printed this month.


(featured photo is Anna’s huzarensalade)

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