Dutch-Indo food and hospitality (1)

There used to be many more of these little toko shops in Maastricht. This Toko Jogya is located at Malpertuis, one of the old neighborhoods in Maastricht-West, built in 1958 and throughout the early 1960s. If you’re not familiar with the Dutch-Indo culture yet, then stay tuned in the following weeks, because we’ll tell you all about it, starting with some ngobrol-ngobrol (chit-chatting) at Toko Jogya. A Toko is not just for shopping, it’s a meeting place where folks stay and hang out and talk about anything they like to talk about. The Dutch-Indo are people from mixed origine due to four centuries of colonial Dutch reign in what is now known as the Republic of Indonesia. Back then, the colony was named the Dutch East Indies. After World War II and the Japanese, who had invaded and occupied the Dutch East Indies in 1942, surrendered in 1945, new nationalist movements called for a free and an independent Indonesian country. As a result, many Dutch-Indo families, who had the Dutch nationality, were forced to leave their homeland and move to Europe, the Netherlands. Their presence in this country, and in Maastricht, can be highlighted with many stories, and we’ll select a few to share here with you!



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