The dream of City Park Maastricht-East

The old N2/A2 highway used to divide the city and cause a lot of noise, traffic jams and an occasional accident due to the many hazardous situations. Living in its vicinity was no picknick. Rijkswaterstaat, the national bureau for infrastructure and environment in the Netherlands, has been looking into changing the traverse ever since the eighties, but it wasn’t until 2004 when they were able to present a plan that seemed feasible, also financially. It took a couple of more years to finalize things and in 2009, the “Groene Loper” developed by building cooperation Avenue2, was chosen as the best plan.


Fast forward to 2017. The Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel is open for traffic, many routes in the area have changed and are still changing, and those who live alongside the old N2 route at the Oranjeplein, Koningsplein and adjacent streets, have been developing their own plans for a brand new city park.

The foundation Stadspark Maastricht Oost recently launched a new website with information for everyone concerned and interested in the progress of plans and activities:


This project is a collaboration of municipality and citizens, who will invest as a collective of neighborhoods, eager to build a safe, green area in the heart of their part of town. It will include facilities for people of all ages, for recreation and active sports. The foundation has a Facebook page for updates and news.

You can support them by donating and help them realize their dream for the neighborhood by clicking


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