JekerJazz ART LIVE I: The Art

If you can’t get enough of all the May festivals in Maastricht city, stay tuned for June because the party simply continues! We’re going to do this in Part I and Part II. First, we’ll present you these amazing artists extraordinaire from various disciplines: painting, jewelry design, fashion, photography, ceramics and many, many more.

Mark your calendars for

JekerJazz ArtLive 2017
Sunday June 11
12.00 uur
Free entrance:

*LOCATION PIETERSTRAAT / Square Historical archives.
Maartje Brandts : Painter, colorful realism.
Valerie Opara : Ethnographical Fashion Designer.
Art Made by Wilma : Designs and creates jewelry, mosaic and paintings.
Theodora Janssen : Designs and creates handbags of recycled materials.
Marianne Amamoo : Paintings in various techniques.
Daniëlle Baars : Wooden objects of art, pyrography technique.
Karin Bauer : Portraits in oil painting.
Gunnar Schlei : Luz Del Arte unique objects of light and sustainability.
Aggy Schiffeleers : Jewelry with glass beads.
Live demonstration of how to create glass beads.

J. Goossens : Photography.
Huub van Laar : Paintings  and Objects of Art.
Monique Leclerc : Combine Painting and Workshop for Kids / How to make your own combine painting.
Pascalle Douven : Styling Extraordinaire.
Suzanne Stohr : Fashion designer and Illustrator.
Claudia Dols : Ceramics.
Rene Blom : Painter à la Herman Brood.

Mattie Engelen : Watercolor / Paintings on location and commission.
Tiny Luijten Lambert : Painter, Figurative, portraits and still lifes.
Lidy de Haas : Oil painting on panels, still lifes with vegetables and fruit.
Wim Cremers : Oil painting and Acryl on canvas.
Thea Bijl : Painting demonstration / Animal portraits in pencil.
Hailey Huijnh : All round artist / Ceramics, Wooden sculptures, Paintings and Photography.
Gerda Meijer Neven : Acryl on canvas, various styles in color.
Mariet Aelmans : Sculptor, figurative sculptures in different types of stone.
Julia en Egbert Popovics : Ceramics, designers.
Ed Schaap : Painter, Fantasy, realism, oil paintings and acryl.
Ada Stalmeier : Draws wild animal with chalk pastels.
Ingrid Briels : Creates art with crochet.
Margriet Feijs : Abstract art.
Marjoleen Dijkema : Paints on canvas, creates art cards and Workshop tiny paintings and painting on stone.
Odette Jacobs :Tassen van Ooot.  Artisan handbags of leather and furniture fabric.
Alison Smeets Miles : Mixed Media Artist/Rebecca Smeets : Photography and graphic designer.
Ine van der Weyden : Ceramics and paintings. Demonstration wreath making.
Aleide Tomson : Versatile artist for jewelry, paintings and photography.
Lucienne Willems : Acryl, watercolor, oil paintings and mosaic art objects.

Heritage In Memoriam Ernest Spronken : Expressionism, Watercolor, Cityscapes en Popart.

Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts, directed by Lucy Hedderich.

La Marais Deux & koffie. Maastrichter Heidenstraat 6 :
Hester van Dapperen: Conceptual art.

De Lutherse Kerk: Hondstraat 14:
Vin Sculptras (Vincent Schuijren) sculptured oil paintings with philosophical themes
Andre Kok: Figurative and abstract landscapes.

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