The meaning of life

So, there you are, in your car. You’ve just survived running errands in a supermarket full of people. Sometimes there’s a frenzy about that makes you very uncomfortable. And the people, they just follow wherever their shopping lists or whims take them. Even if it means turning in the opposite direction. Collisions of shopping carts, or almost-collisions are always fun to observe. You can tell some of those shoppers are very experienced collision-avoiders. They can still manage to keep their eye on whatever’s next on the list while pushing their cart to the side or keeping it stationary so it won’t bump into another cart. That’s just amazing. There should be an award for it. Really.

After spending time in a supermarket as described above, the car functions as a refuge of wellness. It usually takes a minute or two, three, before the journey home is set in motion. The shopping experience vanishes from the conscious memory bank in the brain, and off we go. But not this day. Something changed.

A flower. A flower fell on the windscreen. It made no sound, but its fall happened quick and sudden, which made an impression. And then it just sat there, stuck to the glass. It changed everything.

I kind of expected for the flower to slide down, or to be torn to pieces by the wind. Because there was a little bit of wind. I expected for the petals to flutter inconsistently, until the fluttering would defragment limb by limb, because by then, the flower had turned into an entity with a soul.

“What’s the meaning, what’s the meaning of life.” The inner jukebox decided to take a spin. I could hear the children’s choir sing. “What’s the meaning, what’s the meaning of life.”

Elevate your mind. Free your soul.
Feel the feeling, let your body take control.

My hand turned the key in the ignition, and I went home.

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