Springtime in Maastricht: highlights

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Are you staying in town, at home, or hitting the road for some adventure? There’s so much to discover, and not just for expats, students or tourists! Even locals and native Mestreechteneere have to agree, their beloved Maastricht City never ceases to amaze them. We found some things to do and places to go to, and hope you’ll have a great time, regardless of your choice. Feel free to CONTACT us if you’d like to share a story or pictures, or have an idea for our Life in Maastricht website.

1. Exhibition Subjective World May 4 – May 17
mamdtnlThe Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology, you can find them in a former convent at the Brusselseweg 150, describes their vision as follows: “At Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology we empower students by teaching them a wide set of ‘languages’, ranging from visual languages to coding skills. And whatever they are going to research, innovate and design, they will do it with empathic skills, ambition and creativity.”

And that’s exactly what you can see and experience for yourself in the coming two weeks, at the following location:

Envida La Valence
Gronsvelderweg 140
6229 VN Maastricht

The exhibition’s theme: How 2nd year students perceive social issues and come up with solutions. They use visual communication to present their creations in which they express their personal feelings and values.


2. Poetry walk in the Valley of the Jeker / Jekerdal

wandeling_jekerdalYou may have noticed it en route to the Belgian village Kanne, or when you were headed to the Château Neercanne for some sightseeing and a stroll in the Millennium Forest. The beautiful park on your left, in which embedded or so it seems, the beautiful meandering river de Jeker, is most inviting. That park is fairly new and constructed in 2014, as if a homage to the river Jeker. There are five giant rocks in the park, each rock is engraved with a poem. Have you ever taken a closer look? If not, here’s your chance next Sunday, May 7! Neighborhood platform Campagne and IVN Maastricht organize and facilitate this 4 km walk mixing culture, the art of poetry, and nature.

The walk starts at 11:00 hrs, location:


Prix de Rome (the former café Saint Servais)
Susserweg 1
6213 NE Maastricht

3. St. Pietersberg Trail Running Tour
If taking a stroll in the Jekerdal park is a bit too slow to your taste, you can always sign up for the Meet Maastricht Trail Running Tour. Admission fee: €8.00


“A run through the beautiful Mount St. Pieter (Sint-Pietersberg), with a running expert telling stories about the local fauna and flora, the marl quarry, and many more!”

For more events, workshops, ideas for things to do and places to go to, you can visit this weekend’s event calendar HERE.


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