Oldest city of Belgium has #1 patissier!

This is merely a first introduction to a series of posts about the city of Tongeren, and its fascinating relationship with our city of Maastricht. If you have never been to Tongeren, make sure to reserve some time for a visit, because it’s well worth the trouble. Actually, it’s no trouble at all. By car it’s practically just driving straight ahead, and Tongeren has plenty of FREE PARKING ZONES, which is astonishing given the fact how much effort the city invests in keeping the city accessible and pleasant for both inhabitants and visitors.

Free parking De Motten

Oldest city
Tongeren is the oldest city of Belgium. We’ll get into that another time. For now, we’d like to point you towards the finest Belgian pastries and chocolates you will ever taste. Honestly! Patisserie Blanckaert is over a hundred years old. Since 1986, another family of well-known Tongerse bakers-patissiers continues the patisserie under the same name and it’s now run by two siblings, Bart and Ann Menten, who took over from their parents in 1998. Their patisserie is listed as one of the best in Belgium in the Flemish edition of the renowned and influential French restaurant guide for purists and nouvelle cuisine, Gault & Millau.

Javanais and Croquembouche
They’re famous and recognized for their light and refined pastries made with fresh, local en seasonal ingredients. One of their specialities is innovating classical recipes. Their atelier is right behind the store, where apart from deliciously looking pastries and pies, customers can also buy bonbons, quiches, and a simple loaf of bread. Two more words. Or three, rather. Summer. Ice cream. Blanckaert!

Baguette made with desem. Photo: Bart Menten

Artisanal macarons
It was my intention to capture a beautiful close-up of their handmade and colorful macarons and showcase the subtle L’Art de la Pâtisserie Blanckaert, but the two models I purchased somehow didn’t make the short walk back to the car, for which I humbly apologize. You can take my word for it they tasted just heavenly!



Patisserie Blanckaert
Maastrichterstraat 62
3770 Tongeren 


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