From graffiti to murals worldwide

You might bump into him in Maastricht somewhere and have no clue who he is. You may even see his name every day in passing on the “Station Tuin”, the temporary wall near the train station (because of the construction of the new underground bicycle parking), and don’t know the amazing work of art on a building in Michigan Avenue, Chicago (USA), which is featured on top of this page, is his.

Well, you know now! If you visited the anniversary art experience at the Landbouwbelang, Order vs Chaos, you will have seen his visual language, as curator Virginie Moerenhout described it in the long list of artists and collaborators who participated in the 15th anniversary of Maastricht’s most prominent cultural freezone of significance.

Collin van der Sluijs (37) was 11 when he experimented with graffiti. He was 12 when he started at the vocational school “Groot Stelle” in his old hometown Goes (the province of Zeeland) to become a traditional painter. For four years, he learned everything there is to learn about the craft, its techniques and tools. Next step was to develop his creative skills. In the following years he learned about art painting, graphic art design and eventually, he graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Illustration in 2004. In the meantime he’d met his future wife, who is from Maastricht. “After I finished my education, we decided to move to her hometown, because I wasn’t interested in living in the Amsterdam or Randstad area. Down south is just perfect, close to Belgium and Germany, in the Euroregion. And it’s really quiet and peaceful to work here, in my studio.”

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Collin is excited about his upcoming projects, commissioned work that will take him abroad again. “I had a great time in Chicago last year, and I am looking forward to traveling this year, and the next, to work on some major and cool assignments.”

His first love, graffiti, is never far from his world of imagination, to which the viewer is given access and the freedom to interpret as they see fit. We could write a lengthy piece about his work and projects, but rather let those do the talking. Enjoy!

nika kramer_starling_berlin

The following work is featured on the Humoring the Goddess blog:

The Jaunt
the jaunt

“Four years after sending Collin van der Sluijs to Porto, Portugal, we are sending out Collin on his second trip for The Jaunt. Collin is a versatile artist who works just as easily on canvas and paper as he does on walls. His work is best described as the personal pleasures and struggles in his daily life, translated to his own visual language. Since the last time we worked with him, Collin has had sold out shows with Vertical Gallery in Chicago, and painted murals all over the world.”

Galerie Project:galerieproject

Visit his website:

One thought on “From graffiti to murals worldwide

  1. I am so happy you found your countryman on my site. Art is truly universal and truly from the heart. I will follow your blog and keep up with your magic!


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