Maastricht Running Tours

Have you heard about the Maastricht Running Tours yet? They offer these since 2011 in Maastricht, Tripadvisor has awarded them with the Excellence Award of 2015. You can book city and trail running tours at about 150 locations worldwide, and Maastricht has its own, which is an initiative of Raoul Spronken.

Why a running tour you may think? Because you see more, the groups are very small and it is an active way of having fun while doing something healthy. “We organize these running tours for tourists, expats, congress visitors and sportive groups, but basically for anyone who likes running and at the same time enjoy their surroundings,” says Raoul. “We also offer customized tours and Green/Trail running tours (5-18 kms) in the beautiful hills and green cross border surroundings directly outside the city center of Maastricht.”

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