Marc Mahfoud: Citizen Artist Incubator

The Citizen Artist Incubator aims to empower the next generation of artists to develop the skills necessary to impact our society. Marc Mahfoud, who studied and lived in Maastricht, is among the chosen to participate in this year’s Incubator, which will take place in the Tabakfabrik, Linz, Austria during the month of July. Marc will keep us posted from time to time and share some of his experiences with us.

“Marc Mahfoud attempts to liaise science and sound with traditional instruments and electronic compositions. Even though his idea of sound is perpetually changing, Marc safeguards the impulse of constant reinvention and critical thinking. Currently, the topics of migration and global warming inform Marc’s projects and distinguish his work in an unconventional way.”

“As one of 15 European artists I am participating in the Citizen Artist Incubator, in which we will brainstorm, work and develop artistic ideas and solutions for the topics of migration, climate change and other issues for one entire month in Vienna. I am extremely happy to be amongst these motivated creatives.”

Casey Hautzinger Photography

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