Possible cure discovered for arthrosis

Research at the Maastricht UMC+ may result in finding a cure for arthrosis, which is a painful joint disease many millions suffer and have to endure. Arthrosis is usually caused by chronic wear and tear of the cartilage and most common in the knees, hands, hips and spine. Elderly people as well as athletes are among those who suffer arthrosis the most, although genetic factors and obesity or physical work strain are also well-known causes.

So far there hasn’t been a medicine yet, that’s why treatment generally consists of pain management and trying to spare the joints in question from suffering any stress. This often also involves a necessary change in lifestyle, food or employment. Now the Maastricht UMC+ has found a possible medicine, there is hope for a lot of patients!

The UMC+ received a grant of 1.500.000 euros to further develop their discovery of a substance that appears to halt deterioration of the cartilage and embodies the capability of restoring bad cartilage cells. According to orthopedic surgeon prof. dr. Lodewijk van Rhijn, who has been determined for years to find a cure, the substance they discovered tackles the problems straight at the source which will also prevent expensive and complex surgical procedures. He also said that it would be fairly easy and well within any budget to produce this substance which would mean there is finally a cure for arthrosis.

(source: limburger.nl)


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