Cherry pancakes with a dash of coconut

Good morning! This post was prepared yesterday, and if you’re a pancake breakfast kind of person, this may inspire you to be extra creative today. If you have a pancake recipe or pancake story you’d like to share with Life in Maastricht readers, you can use the CONTACT FORM on top of the page to reach us! We would really love to hear from you. For now, just pour yourself a cup of coffee or some tea, and sit back and relax for some light reading:

As the sun sets, it illuminates part of the kitchen through the window. The sunbeam cuts wide and diagonal. Today, it’s a perfect fit for the illusion of having a plate full of golden pancakes. Finally, the cherries in syrup that have been sitting in a jar in the kitchen closet for months, have met their intended fate. When I listened to some older episodes of SHOUT-FM Expat radio today, Rob Christian and Tracey Taylor, the radio hosts, kind of helped me decide to make those cherry pancakes by talking pancakes in one of their shows.

There’s a whole lot that can be said and written about pancakes. There’s a huge difference in Dutch and American or Canadian pancakes. The French have their crepes, the Russians have their blini. And what about the variety in toppings? It can be sweet, or hearty with cheese and bacon, it can be fruity, or laced with your favorite vegetables.

Whatever flips your pancake!

Maastricht has plenty to offer for pancake enthusiasts. Years ago, expat Amanda Potter (she moved back to the States) wrote about Dutch pancakes on her expat blog Maastricht Minutiae, which is online in an archived version. It’s funny in a way, that some of the articles available online about pancake places in Maastricht, refer to restaurants and pancake houses that no longer exist, like the Brasserie Pannenkoeken & Meer, or the popular Blini Bar on the other side of the river Meuse in Wyck.

The recipe for these cherry pancakes is one of many variations to a theme. I use a basic pancake recipe, but replace cow milk with soy milk. I use just about three spoons of sugar, because the cherries are already sweetened some, and so is the soy milk. I also sprinkle some powdered or confectioners’ sugar on each pancake once they’re done. For some extra bite, I grate about one quarter of creamed coconut block with a cheese plane into the batter. And I use three eggs from my neighbor’s chickens who are very, very happy and roaming free in a big garden. A little bit of vegetable oil to keep the frying pan greasy enough for non-sticky pancakes, can also be avoided when using one of those teflon pans. It all starts by mixing the eggs (and some baking powder and sea salt), and then slowly add all other ingredients.

Make sure to save the cherries for last, and stir gently!


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