Maastricht in the London Standard

karkolIt’s often an interesting read when visitors from abroad describe #Maastricht City and share their experience. The following London Standard review is from February 28 and offers some highlights well worth checking out if you haven’t had the pleasure yet. One of the smaller cafés around town, In de Karkol, was elected number 1 in the Café Top 100 of the Netherlands for the season 2016-2017. If you’re into tasting some genuine ‘couleur locale’, there’s a threshold you have to cross for sure. In case Maastricht is still on your list of places-to-visit, you might want to make note of the recommendations in this review.

“If there’s one thing Maastricht is famous for, it is the treaty of the same name. Signed 25 years ago in February 1992, it created the European Union, paved the way for the euro … and arguably sowed the seeds of last year’s shock Brexit vote.

But despite being known for little else in the UK, this charming Toytown-sized city of 120,000 people, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of the Netherlands, is well worth a visit no matter how you voted last June. Offering ancient ruins, distinctive cuisine and French-influenced architecture, it is a very different prospect to the better-known Dutch cities.

Maastricht dates back to the Romans — they built a bridge over the River Maas here in the first century — and has since been fought over and conquered by the Spanish, the French (twice) and finally the Germans in 1940. Around one in 10 of the population are students at Maastricht University, and many of them are from overseas, which helps explain the city’s youthful cosmopolitan vibe.”

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