Once upon a Dandelion…


Screenshot_2017-04-15-07-14-29-1This is the season to eat carrots for better eyesight. So you don’t need your reading glasses or binoculars or pull a Hercule Poirot. Carrying a magnifying glass in the great outdoors just around the corner of your house is so nerdy. But maybe you don’t need any of the above. Maybe you just need your phone to make a picture, two fingers to zoom in and two hands to nail that screenshot.

The weeds are in full bloom. While humans push their shopping carts full of fertilized soil and mass-grown colorful garden plants and flowers, nature plays its own game in cahoots with the wind and the birds and rain. Nettles rise and cater to the needs of butterflies. Dandelions paint thousands of yellow bright dots in random places, making one wonder what it would look like from up in the skies. If we would connect all those yellow bright dots, what would we see?

The little friends with wings are easy to spot. The yellow serves them in their best features while they do the busy we attribute and borrow to label our own. They don’t have a clue their hard work keeps our world afloat. They don’t know our kind is the killing kind in vast numbers. While they spread life, we end it.

For a better photo, the blade of grass needed to be removed. Or so I thought. Instead, the little winged one wrapped his foot around it as if he wanted to make a mark. The very same instant my thought had reached a conscious state, an unexpected act followed and appeared to connect the dots. Maybe it was random. Maybe it was coincidence. Or maybe it was nature showing me who is boss. My mind fell silent as all assumptions ebbed away. I just pressed and took a picture instead.

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