Special art experience: Order vs Chaos

17621933_1482304601814388_5061992227696102452_o #Grand Finale April 22!

Biesenwal 3
6211AD Maastricht

Expo: 14-23 April 2017

Curator Virginie Moerenhout, longtime resident at the Cultural Freezone Landbouwbelang, invited 27 international artists for a special anniversary art experience, titled Order vs Chaos as part of Landbouwbelang’s 15th Birthday Bash. Visitors can expect a variety in art and music experiences in an unusual setting, alongside the usual open-minded hospitality of the Landbouwbelang residents, artists and inventors.

The Cultural Freezone is renowned for being the habitat of pure creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, offering anyone with a healthy curiosity and zest for life the chance to join their community and participate in experimental and educational events for all ages. Over the years, the Landbouwbelang’s function as an international cultural incubator broadened its perspective, as a prominent incubator for all essentials concerning our society and the way our species takes or forsakes its responsibility to do right.

A fine example is Demotech, design for self reliance and sustainability, founded by inventive designer Reindert van Tijen in 1975. The office and workshop is located at the Landbouwbelang where, as you may have guessed by now, Reindert van Tijen like Virginie, is a longtime resident. At Demotech, a dedicated team designs and develops tools from recycled materials to suit every day life in the poorest communities on earth. The waterpump in Ghana, the RopePump, for example. It’s one of their many, versatile activities.

For his work, founder Reindert van Tijen was knighted in 2008 with the Order of Orange-Nassau. His foundation has always welcomed interns from various -technical- universities in the Netherlands with an innovative approach to practical science and re-designing.

Scroll down for the Order vs Chaos programming:

Expo; 14 April – 23 April 2017, Open 19:30 – 21:00
Grand opening: 15 April, 19.00 – 23.00
Grand finale: 22 April, 19.00 – 23.00

Friday 14th of April:
Marx David at Foodbank Maastricht

Saturday 15th of April:
Kevin Toma – Silent films with live music
Jeans Beast + Licht-ung – Violin experimental punk
Betonfraktion – It’s loud, it’s weird, it’s harsh
Ivo van Megen – Fantastique
Carlo Bonnie РMartial Arts

Friday 21th of April:
ELEPHANTS ON TAPE at Foodbank Maastricht

Saturday 22th of April: “Acoustic & electric mashup”:
Hans Daniel van Dorssen – JUNO-6 synth
Max Swagemakers – Viool
Eva Emmen – Soprano
Martijn Moedars – Accordeon
Wouter Horvers – Gitaar/ Tuba,
Robertus Heronimus – Contrabass
Leila Kockimonsta – Acrobatics
Ceci Mfr – Acrobatics
(Lilian Strik – Chefkok)
And Luca Maria Baldini/ In Between – Electronic ambient with guitars, analog instruments and field recordings.
Plus Poem reciting by Sven Staelens

Friday 14th until Sunday 23th of April; EXPO

With work from:
Scrap metal installations from Bart Dewolf / Inmodis,
Surrealistische Assemblages: Bart Vankrunkelsven,
Independent artist Bob van Tilburg,
The visual language of Collin van der Sluijs,
Quasi-rauw met zeggingskracht; Dave de Leeuw
Hare collection of Nanouk Weijnen
The Chaos Machine of Tim Scheffer,
Comics by Martijn Moedars,
Photographs from Jila Bo
Faces of LBB – Anuschka Kopetski/Theunissen and Fritz Zizzel
Robot by Voga Dj-Producer en Sagis Dj-Producer
Video screening from Magisch Theatertje / Ananda Puyk Company
Drawings by Nicolas Aramburu
Boxes by Danny Bielen
Assembled pictures by Lukas Figge and Ami Golland
Photo’s by Jos van Maastricht
Victory Boogie Woogie by Bernadette Huijbers
Stovebench by Patrick Bastiaanse
Transience of life by Steven Palmen
Poetry by Marina Kazakova
Het scherpst: Bert Janssen and Maarten van den Berg
Leadlight’s from Wilma Habraken
Tattooist/Illustrator Vincent Lancee
Painter Marika Volfov√°
Spray painter Roel Fwesh Hendrix
Paintings and sculptures from Astrid Bohny
Poem by Sven Staelens
Adriaan Recycling Art

Event Docu by Marina Kazakova
Filming Frank Valderen
Sound technics: Daniel Brightside
Collaborator Bart Dewolf
Contributor Steven Palmen


Virginie Moerenhout

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