Chain Reaction Tihange: June 25

We can be brief about this. The nuclear power station in Tihange is dangerous. It’s old. It’s damaged. It’s a risk to our health and environment. #StopTihange. We’re not trying to scare you. We’re just stating facts. The distance between Tihange and Maastricht is only 40 kilometers. Maastricht would definitely NOT escape the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear disaster in case something goes wrong at the power station. Scientists, experts and concerned citizens have been following the operations at Tihange closely. They monitor its activities. The many times it’s been shut down. And restarted. Rebooted. And shut down again. It’s madness. Really.

On June 25, a human chain from Tihange to Aachen via Liège and Maastricht will send a powerful message. You can find all the information needed to participate on the following website:

The banner in the Muziekgieterij, Maastricht. Photo: Rob Hoenen.

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