DutchReview in favor of Maastricht

We follow the DutchReview posts on Facebook. As you can see here, we embedded their post asking what your favorite part of the Netherlands is, when you’re not that keen on the Randstad (the big cities area). They refer to an older article from last year though, but any preference for Maastricht City never gets outdated! If for some reason you can’t see the embedded post (on your phone), here’s the link to the full article on the website:


All pictures below the embedded DutchReview article are from Fernand Paulissen, a Maastricht history teacher at the Sint Maartens-college, who takes his young pupils out on interesting field trips around town while encouraging them to embrace their heritage and the abundance in history this city has to offer us.

D’n Observant. Photo: Fernand Paulissen.
Fortifications, Kazematten. Photo: Fernand Paulissen
Mist Hoge Brug
Misty High Bridge “Hoge Brug. Photo: Fernand Paulissen
Sint Pieterse
Famous Saint Pieterse potato field. Photo: Fernand Paulissen

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