Most remarkable brewery in town

The former Steam Brewery De Keyzer N.A. Bosch

During the Maastricht Museum Night, the Bosch Brewery welcomed more than a thousand visitors ascending the magical staircase in Maastricht’s most remarkable brewery! All efforts to maintain this cultural heritage and entertain eager audiences were reflected positively, so a huge thumbs up for everyone involved to make this a pleasant event. You too can experience the history of making beer in brewery De Keyzer by ┬ávisiting one of the best preserved treasures in Maastricht City.


The city of Maastricht, well-known for its Burgundian lifestyle, offers a unique historic brewery. The brewery, which was founded in 1758, is part of a rich industrial archaeological heritage. In the year 1900 about 30 town breweries existed in Maastricht. Only one could be preserved: Steam Brewery De Keyzer in the part of the town called Wyck. Here the Bosch family brewed beer according to traditional methods until 1970.


The brewery has remained entirely intact and is classified as a historical industrial monument. In an authentic atmosphere the original equipment, dating from the years 1885-1930, is displayed. In a guided tour you will visit the five-storey malt house plus the brewery with the mashing tun, the wort boiler, the fermentation tanks, the bottling plant and the cooperage. The English speaking guides will explain to you all the aspects of making beer. At the end of the tour the visitors can taste two Maastricht special beers in the cosy barroom. The beers are accompanied by regional cheese.

Guided visits for groups are possible on request (throughout the whole year). The brewery is alas not suited to wheelchair users. The guided tour lasts one hour followed by the beer tasting.

The guided tour including the beer tasting costs Euro 10,00 per person with a minimum charge of Euro 90,00 for a group.


Visitors address:
Wycker Grachtstraat 26, Maastricht. It’s a five to ten minute walk from the central railway station.

Reservation is mandatory.

Click here for reservation form.

You can find them on Facebook as well:

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