Buy local!

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-08 om 21.48.29
Third generation Meijers. Photo: Rolf Nijskens.

Despite for innovative developments showing us how ordinary lettuce is grown indoors without pesticides and with decreased water use, traditional agriculture for now, is still our main source for fruit and vegetables. Buying our goods straight from those who grow their products with honest and hard work, is an experience that can’t be replaced by modern technology. The convenience of wrapped fruit and vegetables we embrace in our supermarkets is a threat to our environment and wildlife. All that plastic we use, if not in landfills it ends up afloat in our oceans. Have you ever seen the heartwrenching video of the sea-turtle with a straw embedded in one of his nostrils, preventing him from breathing normally?

This is the Meijers family with their fruit and vegetable stand. Grandma Meijers used to take her goods and baby in a wheelbarrow all the way from Cadier and Keer, a village just outside of Maastricht. There are so many stories to be shared!

The Meijers grow ‘sjellik‘, a so called forgotten vegetable. It’s a cabbage grown, nurtured and harvested in a certain way and with an extraordinary smooth and silky taste. Sjellik is rare these days, also only available for a short period of time.

If you buy local, and straight from farmers, you’re bound to go home with a story or two, always. And you support local economy and trade.

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