Chateau Neubourg! #1 in the Netherlands

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-07 om 10.48.38If you haven’t tasted Chateau Neubourg yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Third year in a row, this highly recognizable blue bottled beer from Limburg has been elected as the #1 Beer of the Netherlands.

And even though the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij is located in Gulpen, for almost two hundred years now (since 1825), the brewer family Rutten originates from Maastricht. There were many, many generations of brewers throughout the centuries. Currently, the 8th generation is at the helm of this small family brewery, with former surgeon Jan Paul Rutten as CEO and his sister Maartje as Director of Marketing & Communications.

JP_Maartje_Henry Peters foto
Maartje en her brother Jan-Paul Rutten. Photo: Henry Peters.

We’ll get into the fascinating history of the brewery some other time, for now, we just want to show you their magazine Puurzaam (in Dutch) and a post from Jo Janssen, one of their contributing writers about drinking no other beer than Chateau Neubourg for many, many years already!

Click here for the Puurzaam Magazine special about the new Gulpener BrouwLokaal

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