Why creativity matters

We noticed this short animation film shared on social media by Lidy with the message

“Watch this….. why to never ignore creativity.”

Lidy (30) was born and raised in Maastricht. Her love for nature and animals, horses in particular, made her follow her dreams. She studied to become a holistic veterinarian therapist at the Silverlinde Institute for Veterinary Homeopathy in the Netherlands, and when she went to Australia for a couple of months for an internship, she found so much more than she’d bargained for: She found the love of her life! Lidy now lives in Australia with her soulmate and their first child, and as a happy young mother, she shares her love and healing for the world, animals and nature on social media. Every now and then, a real wise lesson for life resonates, and by sharing here we’re just paying it forward.

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