Go Overseas & Maastricht

16143075_1787951254863178_4796061834042882521_nGo Overseas is a listing and reviews website for study programs abroad. And they listed Maastricht as one of nine unconventional study destinations.

“Common Misconceptions: You’ll be cut off by being in a small city; it’s harder to take advantage of European travel opportunities compared with a big city. Reality: Maastricht has great travel opportunities, including super close access to both Germany and Belgium. Don’t worry: you can travel plenty!

If you want to study abroad in Europe, but aren’t drawn to the capitals like Paris, Madrid, and London, Maastricht may be just the ticket. Nestled down in the small part of the Netherlands between Germany and Belgium, you’re perfectly poised to explore the heart of Europe from Maastricht — it wouldn’t be hard to take a weekend trip to Paris or Luxembourg!

Maastricht is another university town, meaning you’ll have plenty of academic choices and support if you study abroad here. Smaller towns can also mean a lower cost of living, helping you save up to savor more of Dutch culture along with the surrounding countryside.”

Source: https://www.gooverseas.com/sponsored-post/unconventional-study-abroad-destinations-2017

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