Hotspots with Rob Christian

If you can’t see the embedded Facebook note, please scroll on to see what Rob Christian favors in Maastricht City!

Posted by Life in Maastricht on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our second guest is Robert Christian, from Toronto, Canada, your Shout-FM expat radio host at RTV Maastricht.

“Rooftop lounging with tea and homemade pasties!”

1. What’s your name and age?
My name is Robert Christian, I am 37.

2. What’s your profession?
I am a Producer and Host of Shout-FM on RTV Maastricht, an international expat radio show.

3. Do you live in Maastricht? If not, do you visit often?
I live in Maastricht since July 2015.

4. Why do you like or love Maastricht City?
I love the architecture and the French blended lifestyle. The countryside is all around Maastricht and the Zuid Limburg province. The friendliness of the Dutch breathes in Maastricht. I love the high quality of life in this region, and it’s a fairly safe and clean city.

5. If you live here, do you intend to stay and never go anywhere else? I intend to stay here even if I win a lottery. Then Iʼd buy an apartment and a second somewhere in the Med.

6. If you’re a frequent visitor, would you like to live in Maastricht? Not a visitor, I already live here.

7. What terraces or pubs do you like? I enjoy The Dutch design hotel where one can enjoy hot drinks and eat fresh fruit and pastries all day for only 5 Euros in the design lounge of the hotel. I like The Teazone where the interior design is classic Asian/European and where one can go onto the rooftop lounge and enjoy a tea and homemade pasties in the summer months! I often get a coffee-to-go at Coffee Lovers inside the Dominicanenkerk, the service is always friendly and sincere.

8. What are your favorite places to have dinner? I enjoy Gauchos for a good steak meal at a good price in a good atmosphere, they have a Wine Bar now. The Kruisherenhotel is also a favorite place, it’s an old church converted into a modern hotel and restaurant with bar.

9. Is there a favorite event in town? I appreciate most events in town as long as its not Carnival related. That celebration is horribly disappointing.

10. What are your favorite places to go shopping in Maastricht? Shopping in Hollister at the Entre Deux, there’s always a sale to be had and the staff is friendly. WE for Him, again because there’s always something to be found in sale. I visit Scotch & Soda during sales season.

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